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FREELANG - Peace in all languages

Quer saber como dizer Feliz Ano Novo em todos idiomas? ou Paz em outras línguas? Clique no link abaixo e descobrirá muitas outras palavras no idioma de sua preferência....

FREELANG - Peace in all languages
By the way = a propósito
Feliz ano novo em inglês é HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary

NASA - NASA Kids' Club

NASA - NASA Kids' Club

Kids.gov - Science (Educators)

Kids.gov - Science (Educators)

Eating too much at this time of the year?

Se você está comendo muito nesta época do ano, não sinta-se mal. Junte-se a milhares de pessoas ao redor do mundo com o mesmo tipo de problemas. Trouxe um texto para vocês que li em um site hoje cedo. http://www.pueblo.gsa.gov/cfocus/cfholidays06/focus2.htm
Então treinem bem o seu Inglês e divirta-se tentando segurar a boca. Ho!Ho!Ho!

How to Win the Holiday Battle of the Bulge

A man running on a treadmill.The fall and winter holidays are some of the most festive times of the year – and the most fattening. Just thinking about traditional holiday meals can put your appetite in high gear. The temptation to overeat is lurking at every holiday table. By New Year’s Day, many of us are avoiding the scales, wearing elastic-waist pants and thinking about joining a health club to undo the damage to our waistlines. The average American gains at least five pounds during the winter holiday period.Weight gained during the six-week holiday period accounts for most of a person’s total weight gain over a year’s time.
Thankfully, there is a happy medium between starving yourself from now until New Year’s and stuffing yourself silly. You can enjoy the best the season has to offer without sacrificing your waistline. The following tips will help you master the art of sensible eating over the holidays and beyond.

Holidays – No Time to Start a New Diet

Why spoil the festivities by feeling guilty about indulging in special foods for special times? You will likely feel frustrated and deprived when you force yourself to say “no,” or guilty when you decide to indulge. Rather than trying to lose weight, try to prevent weight gain.
Allot your calories wisely. Pick seasonal favorites you don’t normally eat, and enjoy them thoroughly. For example, have the egg nog instead of the cookies in moderation, and exercise. Although this is often easier said than done, a person can make it through the holidays with their waistlines intact! Balance the calories you consume with the calories you burn.

Tips for Sensible Eating

The same sensible eating habits that apply throughout the year can be followed during the holidays when you’re putting the final touches on your own menus, or as you head out to grandma’s house or the office social.
  • Keep to a regular eating schedule as much as possible. Skipping a meal makes you hungrier later in the day when you’re more likely to go for the holiday snacks and goodies.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables on hand for healthy snacking.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water.
When planning your menu, cut back on butter or margarine. Eat fewer foods that contain “hydrogenated” or partially hydrogenated oils. Switch to vegetable oils and trans fat-free(or soft) margarines. Season dishes with onion, celery, or herbs instead of extra salt. Trade the stuffing for wild rice pilaf (or at least offer this as an alternative). For cakes, casseroles and baked macaroni, use egg whites or an egg substitute instead of whole eggs, skim milk instead of whole milk, and choose low-fat cheeses.

Navigating the Buffet Table ( a melhor de todas as dicas, adoro isso)

Social calendars fill up quickly with holiday gatherings this time of year. Though you may not be in control of the festivities’ menu, here are some tips for navigating the temptation-filled buffet table:
Eat Before You LeaveAn empty stomach is an invitation to binge at a holiday gathering. Keep yourself from filling up on fatty party foods by eating a small meal or a low-fat snack before you head out to the festivities.
Fill Up on Healthy Fare FirstYou may not have had a say in the menu but you do have control over what you put in your mouth. Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant in fiber, which makes you feel full. They are also low in calories and fat-free, which means you can eat as much as you want – as long as you don’t smother them with creamy or cheesy dips.
Go Low and LeanShave calories and fat from your dinner plate with a few simple changes. Keep the traditional turkey on your menu, but remove the skin and don’t drown it in gravy.

Note: One tablespoon of gravy made from turkey drippings can contain up to 70 calories; one ladle as much as 800! The same goes for creamy dips, salad dressings and cheese sauces. Use these high-calorie items sparingly or substitute them with lower-calorie items like yogurt or cottage cheese dips, tomato salsa or vinaigrette dressings. Use lemon juice to flavor vegetables instead of cheese sauces.

Enjoy Smaller Portions ( comendo porções menores, você pode comer de tudo) 
Be sure to watch your portion size. Fried foods, sweets and other high-calorie treats don’t have to be off limits, just eat them in smaller portions. You may find that a taste is all you need to satisfy a craving.
Don’t Drink Your Calories Alcoholic beverages are heavy on calories and light on nutrients. Alcohol stimulates your appetite and reduces your self-control, so if you enjoy a few cocktails you may end up eating more than you planned.
Step Away From the BuffetHanging out by the party platter sets you up for grazing. Don’t hover over the buffet – take a plate and move away.

Aside: Pace your eating and spend time visiting. You’ll eat less and feel good about what you have eaten.

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Christmas / Natal

Oi Gente, estava pensando agora há pouco entre um turbilhão e outro de registro de notas, encerramento de cadernos e blá blá blá, toda aquela conversa de professor em época de fim de ano. he!he! me veio a mente que nesta época de correria pouca gente tem tempo para analisar e repensar no natal e no ano novo que está por vir.
Peço a vocês alunos, pais e amigos que tentem reservar um tempo, pode ser pouco, contanto que você se dê esse tempo. E analize seu ano.  Foi bom? Foi produtivo? Você refaria tudo de novo? ou você lamentaria a forma como fez algo? se deletaria algo que não foi tão produtivo? você aprendeu com seus erros? Estudou da forma como você deveria ter estudado? ou brincou mais do que devia? Hummm, já sei essa resposta..
Ainda há tempo, nunca é tarde para ser feliz. Faça sua hora, não espere acontecer. Viva sua vida e respeite a dos outros, brinque mas não desperdice o dinheiro de seus pais. Feliz Natal. Merry Christmas.
Abaixo vão alguns links e atividades para crianças que gostam do natal....

Jogos para crianças

http://www.apples4theteacher.com/xylo.html Crie sua música
Jogo divertido onde a criança pode fazer arte brincando.
http://www.apples4theteacher.com/paper-doll.html boneca de papel interativa
http://www.apples4theteacher.com/kiddie-puzzle.html jogo das formas