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Get caught reading Book club- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

[Level 3: Elementary] Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson

Dr Jekyll's scientific investigations are detached and professional. He wants to explore his own character through study and self experimentation. He is looking to separate his two personalities the good and the evil. But soon after his success, he finds himself under the control of a darker, evil, driving force. A gripping story that will keep you until the end.

Get caught Reading Book club - Sister Love Reading activities

Após a Leitura do livro Sister Love alunos do 1o. ano do E.M. do colégio Metodista União fazem as atividades de compreensão em aula. E a partir de sua leitura fazem comentários a respeito do livro.

Abstract :
Oxford University Press, USA, 2008 - 56 páginas
Bassett, John Escott

"Some sisters are good friends, some are not. Sometimes there is more hate in a family than there is love. Karin is beautiful and has lots of men friends, but she can be very unkind to her sister Marcia. Perhaps when they were small, there was love between them, but that was a long time ago. They say that everybody has one crime in them. Perhaps they only take an umbrella that does not belong to them. Perhaps they steal from a shop, perhaps they get angry and hit someone, perhaps they kill ..." --

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Pronomes possessivos adjetivos

1. Pronomes Possessivos Adjetivos (Possessive Adjectives):

Os adjetivos possessivos modificam substantivos, portanto aparecem sempre acompanhados de substantivos.

a) Os Pronomes Possessivos Adjetivos (Possessive Adjectives) precedem substantivos.

Pronomes Possessivos Adjetivos Possessive Adjectives Pronome Possessivos Substantivos Possessive Pronouns

my                      (meu, minha)

your                    (teu, tua, seu, sua)

his                       (dele)

her                      (dela)

its                        (dele, dela )(neutro)

our                       (nosso, nossa)

your                      (vosso, vossa, seu, sua, de vocês)

My jacket is new. (Minha jaqueta é nova.)

Our car is red. (Nosso carro é vermelho.)