sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

OTA - Oxford Teachers Academy

TREINAMENTO – Oxford Teacher’s Academy


Last June 30th, July 1st and 2nd, I was in Porto Alegre participating of  another OTA. As always it was amazing! Among tons of teachers we were asked to think and re-think on each and every single way we normally use to teach anything.
It was tiring, but amazingly comfortable to be with such talented group of teachers and speakers as well. Nina Lauden, Mary and Robert were terrific. Robert taught as some words in Hungarian nd we had a lot of fun trying to pronouce such strange sounds to us and here I am to pass it to you.
But today just one word.

Hungarian                     English               Portugues
Alma   / olma /               apple                  maçã
This year's OTA demanded a lot of work from us, we had to be focused all the time on the way we teache and the way we are going to teach from now on.
I want once nore to thank the Oxford Team : Márcio Canto, Maúricio and André for having invited me once more to be part of it. It was great from the beggining to the last minute of it.
Thank you all. Ops Thanks Teacher Gaby too for being there for me. You know what I mean.
Love ya. LOL