terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

Que tal ir treinando para o ENEM ?

1 - Complete com simple present ou present continuous:

John __________ (watch) TV now but he __________ (not - understand) what the reporter __________ (say). It __________ (seem) to him that she __________ (speak) French.

2 - Complete com when ou while

a) She was watching TV _____ he was reading a book.

b) She was cooking _____ her daughter was on the phone.

c) They got home _____ the match ended.

3 - Will ou going to ?

a) "I (will buy - am going to buy) a new laptop computer at the mall when we finish our class tonight, Julia, Would you like to go with me ?"

"Thanks, Mary. That´s a great idea. Maybe I (will buy - am going to buy) one myself too."

4 - Present Perfect ou simple past ?

Maria: "Last Saturday my boyfriend and I (went - have gone) to a new nightclub downtown."

Laura: "That´s great news. (Has it been - Was it) good ? I (have never been - have never gone - never was - never went)to one here since I came from the USA."

5 - Qual a voz passiva de :

a) I took my daughter to school yesterday.

b) My teacher has already taught me this subject.